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Matura 2018

Rekrutacja 2017/2018

About our school

We are a modern yet still developing school,
working hard to meet the needs of present times.
We are supported by a rich historic and traditional heritage:
educating and raising young people of Żywiec region for over 110 years.

We pride ourselves on successes in high rank competitions,
setting ourselves and our students the highest standards.

We create a safe and friendly atmosphere, thereby making sure
that students are continually motivated and challenged
Our educational offer is rich and interesting.

We inspire to action. Ensure expertise. Support our students.

We work effectively:
- providing preparation for the "Matura" exam which is passed by 100 % of our students; we ensure high exam results (the highest in the region of Żywiec) and help our students to achieve success in "Olympic" competitions,
- we take pride in our prizewinners who succeed in humanities, gheography and maths as well as in the highest level of competitions in other subjects; many of these competitions award our students with university student record books. Every year our students are the winners of the Diamond Student Record Book of AGH,
- we conduct classes under the auspices of the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Silesia and the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University (lecturers of these universities conduct regular classes in our school).

We develop capabilities and skills of our students:
- we offer a wide range of foreign language acquisition: English (including classes with a native speaker in the second semester of each school year), French, Spanish, German and Russian,
- we organise an annual, five-day educational camp in Rysianka for classes majoring in Mathematics and Forein Languages sponsored by the Association of Friends and Graduates of the Nicolaus Copernicus High School,
- there are many Clubs and Interest Groups to choose from,
- we recognize our first grade students for their achievements in Junior High School and propose the continuation of their development through our programme "Spread your wings in the Nicolaus Copernicus High School"; our students are awarded prestigious scholarships from such institutions and patrons as the President of the Council of Ministers of Poland, the Minister of Education, the National Childrens' Fund, and the Marshall of the Silesian Voivodship Our best graduate receives the Prof. Ginter financial prize.

We possess a wide range of teaching facilities:
- there are well-equipped Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography laboratories as well as History classrooms, computer laboratories, Polish and foreign language classrooms,
- moreover, we have 4 interactive whiteboards, many multimedia projectors, a computerised library with an extensive collections of books, 2 regular and one small gym, a fitness room, and a school canteen,
- there is an Astronomical Observatory (the dome on the roof) with professional equipment,
- each classroom contains computers with Internet access (in total about 100 in our school).

Our students participate actively in:
- the Students Council, the School European Club, the “Kangchendzonga” Club of Tourism and Mountaineering, the research by the Copernicus Astronomy Club, a school newspaper "Głoska" which is published every month,
- our students are also involved in the preparation of some interesting school events, such as: the Number π Day, the Festival of Music, the Chemistry Day, the Astronomy Day, the French Day, the European Poetry Festival, the Earth Day, the Students' Creativity and Talent Day.
- they participate in the EU and non-EU programmes and in students' exchange programmes. Moreover, they have an opportunity to take part in the media education programme called “KinoSzkoła” and in the popular and scientific sessions, exhibitions and meetings with famous people organised at our school.

Our students are active volunteers in the local community taking part in the following charitable campaigns:
- Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy - The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation,
- Money raise called Góra Grosza (A pile of Money),
- Szlachetna Paczka (A Noble Parcel) - a nationwide Christmas aid campaign,
- Pola Nadziei (Fields of Hope) - a campaign which is aimed at promoting the idea of hospice care and helping people in the terminal phase of their illness,
- school volunteers permanently cooperate with the State Orphanage in Żywiec and other institutions,
- students’ parents have an opportunity to take part in annual public donation drive for students suffering from chronic diseases (the action and fund of the Association of Friends and Graduates of the Nicolaus Copernicus High School),
-  the school educator and the psychologist offer students and their parents advice and assistance.

Our school uses electronic register, providing students, parents and teachers with constant access to information  (marks, attendance, communication with the form teacher and other teachers).

translated by English teachers
supervised by Iwona Jasek



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